Each class has different levels from the basics to advanced teachings. In general, each teacher performs a class starting from the basics, then introductory exercises, and then deepening the execution of the instrument. It is recommended to read the descriptions of each course to check the level as some are intended for initiated musicians and others for apprentices. Even so, each course is a very useful tool no matter what level you are. You will know the music from the experience of a master, which goes beyond a set of exercises.

At the time of purchase, all the videos available from the teacher you choose are released. You will find videos with exercises, tips, teaching music pieces and everything described in each product. You will be able to access through streaming for one whole year to all the videos of the teacher who you’ve chosen.

You have one year to access to your masterclass since since the day you buy the course.

E-Masters is a digital course sales platform for learning how to play musical instruments from well recognized musicians. E-Masters produces and makes available to the public audiovisual material for music learning.

The WebPay service is designed for customers from Chile, both for debit cards and credit cards. To successfully process the payment you will need to select the Chilean Pesos currency in the currency selector located on the product page before purchase and select SPANISH language. Be sure to refresh the page to see the currency changes on the site.

To process payments with PayPal you will need to select the U.S. Dollar currency on the product page before purchase. Refresh (F5) your browser page to see currency changes.

To access all the courses you’ve purchased, you need to go to the Your Courses menu at the top of the screen. If you have purchased and your course is not available in the menu please contact us.

E-Masters Academy offers a streaming system for each course, so to watch the videos you need to be connected to the internet and access to the platform. Videos cannot be downloaded.